Masatoshi Ujihara (Uzzy)

Photographer / IT engineer


Born in 1976, Hiroshima Japan. 

After graduating from Shibaura Institute of Technology, I worked as an IT engineer, and began to take pictures of circuits such as circuit photography, bicycling, etc. Learn shooting technique of panning shots at Nihon-Nagashidori Laboratory. I devised original nightscape photography technique with Akigase slow shutter which I preside by myself. Tokyo Camera Club Division 10 Election for 2017. NiSi Filter Japan Panning photo seminar lecturer.

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氏原 正智(Uzzy)







Masatoshi Ujihara(Uzzy)

流し撮りアーティスト、フォトグラファー氏原正智(Uzzy)です。クルマ、バイク、自転車をメインに撮影しています。レース、走行会等のイベント撮影承ります。 photographer Masatoshi Ujihara(Uzzy)

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